A brave new way to boost auto-financing and aftermarket profits with custom finance desking software.

Finx software will transform the way you sell financing and aftermarket products to unlock amazing potential. In a changing automotive landscape, we give you the opportunity to enhance your profits with a revolutionary approach.


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A brave new way to boost auto-financing and aftermarket profits with custom finance desking software.

Finx software will transform the way you sell financing and aftermarket products to unlock amazing potential. In a changing automotive landscape, we give you the opportunity to enhance your profits with a revolutionary approach.

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Dedicated Training & Support

We offer training to help you make the most out of every sale with Finx software.

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You want world-class profits, easier sales and happier customers. Here's how its done:


Sell what you want by building tailored product and pricing plans.

Easily customize the products you want to present. Cutting out the clutter is key for any easy sale.


Create a high-impact presentation to put your customers in the right mindset.

Allowing customers the ability to choose what they want puts them in the right mindset to spend their money.


Our numbers don't lie: enjoy larger profits, easier sales and happier customers.

Your customers will leave happier, your sales will take less time and you will know what it feels like to be a profit powerhouse.

*Results are aggregate data from dealerships across Canada following a five-day Finx training workshop and after implementing Finx software.

We're excited to show dealerships how they can unlock incredible profit growth.

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The training I received through Finx was some of the very best professional development I have ever participated in. Immediately I saw results in both my professional and personal life. Through this training I have seen the biggest improvement in my communication skills, building rapport and connecting with employees and customers. Ray’s approach, communication style and personality made the training both fun and easy to follow. I would highly recommend this training to any manager looking to take their team to levels of true high performance.

Derek Amalfa
Sales Manager
Murray GM
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Let Ray Rieger show you the secrets to unlocking the potential of Finx software.

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Finx is committed to ensuring your dealership can use our software effectively and without any issues.

Training & Support

Ray’s program is smart, easy to use and effective. I highly recommend his training as his techniques are spot on!


This is an amazing opportunity that every Finance Manager should invest in. Rays system truly will take any Manager to the next level. Huge increases in the numbers immediately and they have stayed consistent month over month.

Lucas Murphy

Highly recommend this course to any finance manager that would like to increase their profits and product penetration. As a senior business manager with almost 20 years of automotive experience, who has seen most programs / selling techniques, I was blown away with how effective this program is.

Fraser Young

Great workshop for tightening and specializing your skill set and knowledge to think outside the box and keep you energized!

Jason Sather

I have over 9 years experience in the Business Office role in dealerships. Ray’s workshop is by far the best training that I have been provided. It involves the customer through the whole process and is very easy to explain. The program provides great benefits to the dealership and the customer as well as making the financing process a whole lot easier!


I am quite new to the automotive industry and Ray’s program really helped my find my feet! After having learned his process it gave me much more confidence. It not only gave me a better understanding of how the job works but also how the industry works. His software makes it so simple to put together a deal for a customer and makes the whole experience as smooth as possible both for myself and customer. I believe that everyone can benefit from his program, both new and experienced!

Jessica Chattaway

While I am relatively new to world of automobile finance (June 2016); Ray’s program has increased our per copy average greatly. His training is very hands on with lots of interaction between him & yourself. Even after training; you are always able to give him a quick shout to look at a deal to see what the best way to structure a deal would be. Ray’s program is MUST if you are looking to grow your per copy numbers, and start seeing more money because of that.


We switched to Ray’s program early in 2016. He came and spent the week with us training and educating us on how to increase our $/copy. The results were amazing! He was so fun to work with, he made sure we all understood the program and process before he left and is always available afterwords for questions or guidance when needed. Going through the new process is so easy for both the customer and myself. The increase of each deal and my paycheck was instant. I feel with all his experiences and careers, he has combined that into a fail proof program that is well structured. He also stops in when in town to make sure we are all doing well and ask if we have any questions or concerns. We defiantly recommend taking a chance on Ray and his program, it will only increase your dealerships profit as it did for us!


I have been in the auto industry for just over 5 years and I’ve attended my fair share of training courses. I must say that Ray’s was one of the best, if not the best one I’ve attended so far. It was nice to train with someone who’s actually been in the position before and can speak from experience, not just read you lines from a text book. Ray made the training as interactive as possible by creating real life scenarios with me and also roll playing as both the finance manager and customer. I feel that he also went above and beyond by teaching me a few NLP techniques that will not only help my connect with my clients but also help me get the answers I need from them to be a successful business manager. I had no prior experience in the business office before attending Ray’s training and after spending a few days with him I truly feel that I have a well laid out plan that will lead me to become a successful business manager. Thanks again Ray !!

Daniel R. Doucet

I took part in Ray’s 5 day training course and the results are awesome. It is easy, makes sense and Ray is a lot of fun to work with. If you want to improve your numbers and increase your income, this course is a must.


I have been doing this for over 30 years. Ray’s new way of promoting product and presentation is second to none. Not only I like it but, customers I feel really like it as well. Lets face it we are in it for the $$$$$$$$$. Rays way will make you the money you have dreamt about. I have constantly climbed with profit per deal. This month with cash deals included I am over 3500 per deal. There is only one thing wrong with the program and that is I never had it in my hands 15 years ago. If you don’t use the program you will only hurt yourself. Phil

Philip Holzer

The 5 day work shop is a must for anybody looking to increase your numbers! Before the training I was averaging maybe 1800 to 2000 per deal. Now I’m 3000 to 4000 per deal! So if your looking to move the needle get Ray in to show you the way!!

Jason Sather

Ray’s training has given me a new look on structuring deals to meet the customers needs. He took selling out of the business office and introduced a great presentation process for our customers. Since this process has been put in place, our deal averages have increased dramatically! Ray taught us that presentation is key and it shows in our profits!


Since taking Ray’s training program my personal unit average has increased dramatically. The programs and online software is user friendly and allows me to offer different products in whatever order is most important to my customer. Happy customers happy finance manager !


Ray is fun and easy to learn from! The training that you receive from him will change your averages and your income drastically!!! Highly recommend! I mean only if your into doubling or tripling your gross average profits and giving yourself a huge pay raise!

Jason Sather

Ray changed the way we were doing our process and made everything much easier. Ray’s system is very ethical and the results are real and fast. Overall, Ray is very professional, fun, and a huge team player. I have been to many other training courses that show you ways to increase profits, but movement in my number is minimal. I would say that if you’re looking to increase profits, choose Ray’s program and you will see results within just 30 days!


Finance Manager

After working with Ray and incorporating his presentation with each and every client, we have not looked back. Our numbers are increasing simply by presenting options to our clients. It is easy and no-pressure; our clients leave happy with us letting them choose which option best suits them.


Finance Manager

Ray helped me by showing me different approaches to talking to clients about the products we were already selling. I found the experience easy to comprehend and the system user-friendly. It has increased my productivity and my personal income, not to mention the profit of the entire dealership.


Finance Manager

I recommend this training to all Finance Managers in the industry interested in seeing real growth and results.


Finance Manager

I have been training with Ray Rieger for the past 2 years and I can say that Ray’s business office training is fresh and appealing. The focus on presenting products versus selling them is the key. Ray’s training has benefited me more than any other business office training I have received prior to this. I would highly recommend this training to any dealership, as the results have proven very successful for us and we’ve only just started.


Finance Manager

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