Finx Training - Level One


This course is designed for the brand new finance manager that has never been in the business or this could be for person that wants to get into the finance industry.

We train you or your staff from the dealership on how to be a successful Finance Manager.

We train on all aspects of the job that are required to be able to complete deals from start to finish, correctly and accurately.

We train on how to use Finance Manager software as well as, Finx Software.

When you complete this training, you'll be a fully operational Finance Manager, ready to do your first deal and how to be successful.

Finx Training - Level Two


Our trainers will spend five days providing hands-on training and live demonstrations. Apply skills and tactics in real-time scenario and enjoy the benefits of one-to-one coaching.

Here are just a few samples of what to expect to learn:

  • How No-Pressure Sales tactics are the best way present options
  • Advance deal structuring
  • How to buy down interest rates and still hold profits
  • Most advanced Rapport Skills quickly and effectively
  • Advanced and Logical Objection handling skills where the client rarely says no.
  • Selling and Converting Cash Deals — made simple
  • How not to discount products and hold gross profits
  • How to use our Finx and how the software will make your job easier and stress free
  • Finx Buy down software training
  • Learn to buy down interest rates on New and Used auto loans
  • How to structure 0% deals on used finance
  • Learn the bank and insurance provider trade secrets
  • Learn how to give products for free and increase profits at the same time
  • Tips on how to increase profits and product penetrations
  • Learn why penetrations does not mean profits
  • Most advanced, logical, mathematical solutions to objection handling where customers can’t say no
  • Learn about Risk Vs Rates, tied selling, preferential pricing
  • Learn how to never discount products again
  • Advanced new and used deal structuring to get maximum approvals and gross profits
  • Learn how to take clients cost of borrowing and give it to the client as interest credit to help purchase products
  • Learn my ‘Advanced Buy Down Point System Product’
  • Learn how to increase profits when dealing with the Manufacturer Lender Restrictions within their finance companies.
  • Learn how to get 100% of your dealer reserve even when you use the lowest rates in the banks tiers

Finx Training - Advanced


Our trainers will spend five days in or out of your dealership, providing hands-on training and live demonstrations. Apply skills and tactics in real-time with real customers and enjoy the benefits of one-on-one coaching.  This advance workshop will blow your mind away, with cash conversions, Rapid rapport building techniques, advanced deal structuring, and much more.  This workshop will take you and your team to the level you have been looking for…..Mastery.

  • One-on-One critique of sales approach and customer strategies
  • Low-pressure sales tactics using Finx
  • The most Advanced Cash Conversions system
  • Advanced tips on presenting on cash deals
  • Advanced Sub-Prime deal Structuring
  • Advanced Lease deal structuring
  • How to beat lines of credit interest rates
  • Most advanced bundling system shown to create the biggest buy down interest rate power
  • Learn ‘Advanced Buy Down Point System Product’
  • Learn how to buy down interest rates on leases.
  • Advanced DCI System
  • Master the game by understanding banks VS insurance companies
  • Learn how to defend the padded payment
  • Learn the Easiest way to find out if the client is paying real cash or using person line of credit.
  • Learn BRP (Blended Rate Program)
  • Learn BPL (Ball Park Lean System)
  • Learn residual vs balloon payment skills when comparing leases verse financing
  • Most advanced objection handling skills
  • Learn word tracks that are logical that just makes sense to your clients.
  • Learn NLP , Nero Linguistic Program, conversational skills to have your clients say yes.