Why choose Finx?

At Finx, we challenge traditional ways of doing business in the automotive industry. Finance Managers are critical to a dealership’s success and we provide them with the perfect tools to boost sales and increase profitability.

Our software and training teach Finance Managers the technology and skills needed to build product offers that are too good for customers to pass up.

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Money In Your Pocket

By automatically packaging products with low-interest payment options, your finance and aftermarket product sales will skyrocket. This means job security and cash in hand.

Customer Loyalty

Our system is committed to serving your customers’ best interests. We help you fine-tune a customer service experience that is friendly, transparent, and consistently exceptional.

Market Dominance

Our software guides you through the sales process, allowing you to outshine the competition and assert yourself as an industry leader.

Hands-On Support

When you sign on with Finx, you receive a lifetime of support. From troubleshooting to live demonstrations, our team is enthusiastic, educated, and committed to you.