Our trainers will spend five days providing hands-on training and live demonstrations. Apply skills and tactics in real-time scenario and enjoy the benefits of one-to-one coaching.

Here are just a few samples of what to expect to learn:

  • How No-Pressure Sales tactics are the best way present options
  • Advance deal structuring
  • How to buy down interest rates and still hold profits
  • Most advanced Rapport Skills quickly and effectively
  • Advanced and Logical Objection handling skills where the client rarely says no.
  • Selling and Converting Cash Deals — made simple
  • How not to discount products and hold gross profits
  • How to use our Finx and how the software will make your job easier and stress free
  • Finx Buy down software training
  • Learn to buy down interest rates on New and Used auto loans
  • How to structure 0% deals on used finance
  • Learn the bank and insurance provider trade secrets
  • Learn how to give products for free and increase profits at the same time
  • Tips on how to increase profits and product penetrations
  • Learn why penetrations does not mean profits
  • Most advanced, logical, mathematical solutions to objection handling where customers can’t say no
  • Learn about Risk Vs Rates, tied selling, preferential pricing
  • Learn how to never discount products again
  • Advanced new and used deal structuring to get maximum approvals and gross profits
  • Learn how to take clients cost of borrowing and give it to the client as interest credit to help purchase products
  • Learn my ‘Advanced Buy Down Point System Product’
  • Learn how to increase profits when dealing with the Manufacturer Lender Restrictions within their finance companies.
  • Learn how to get 100% of your dealer reserve even when you use the lowest rates in the banks tiers